Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.  - Thomas Merton


Quotes Talent extraordinaire!!! Quotes

Quotes I wished i had your talent to lay down impressions in paint. What you make is beautifull!! Quotes
Andre Van Der Schelde

Quotes Everytime you paint a mural for either myself or one of my clients I am truly blown away by your talent. I love how you can take a simple idea and then breath life into it. I know that I shouldn't covet anything of this earth, but I don't think I could live with out one of your murals! Quotes
Sandy Datcher

Quotes As always, I am in awe of your talent! Quotes
Terri Canedy

Quotes Breathingly beautiful work!!! I am so totally amazed at your paintings! Quotes
Judy Mackey

Quotes Beautiful work. Its amazing to see talent like this these days. Quotes
Gail Gipsom

Quotes Thank you for the inspiration. you have a beautiful gift. keep sharing it. Quotes
Matt Eckmann

Quotes I love your work Charice! You are truly expressing your God-given gift to beautify our world with images of His greatness! My family and I will cherish forever the amazing painting of Lincoln! Quotes
Maureen Rodriguez

Quotes I fell in love with your work at the GAP show in April, 11. Your paintings are amazing. Thank you for using your God given talent for His glory. Quotes
Jean Storm

Quotes Hi Charice, My how time flies ! Do you realize it's been eight years since you blessed our office and lives with "Strength" a large acrylic America Bald Eagle ? Yes he still graces the opening page of our building web site and stands guard over my left shoulder each day reminding us that we live in the greatest country on earth ! Thank you so much ! For those interested, please log in to our site for a peak - just type Amko Buildings into your search engine and enjoy. Bill Myrick Quotes
Bill Myrick