Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.  - Thomas Merton

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  • "Talent extraordinaire!!! "
  • "I wished i had your talent to lay down impressions in paint. What you make is beautifull!! "
    Andre Van Der Schelde
White Bison - Hope of a Nation

I had been wanting to do a painting of a white buffalo named Lightening Medicine Cloud ever since I learned of the death of he and his mother, a couple of years ago.  He died two weeks before his first birthday.  All the big preparations to celebrate his first birthday that had been put into place then tragically changed to preparing for a memorial.  There was much controversy as to the cause of death.   Some claim that it was an act of a hate crime while others believe it was a bacterial infection known as blackleg.  Regardless, it was a devastating loss to the Native Americans as they see the birth of a white buffalo calf as the most significant of prophetic signs.  White buffalo symbolizes hope for the future and is an indication that good times are to come. White buffalo are extremely rare.  The National Bison Association has estimated that they only occur in approximately 1 out of every 10 million births.

While initially, size, subject and color palette command attention, the painting reveals a deeper story. The storm clouds with the sunlit edges represent the bison's weathering of the storm of near extension. The lighting is strategically placed on the mother and her calf to reinforce this triumph as well as honor Lightening Medicine Cloud and his mother.  


48" x 60"



River Dance

Habitat loss and trapping of the river otter are believed to be the major factors that has led to their decline.  However, more than 20 states have successfully reintroduced river otters, which biologists say play an important role in keeping semi-aquatic ecosystems healthy and diverse.  The goal of this painting is to bring awarness of this fact by drawing the viewer in though highlighting the river otter's playful, acrobatic movements and social behavior.  I'm having a lot of fun with this painting. 

24" x 48"