Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.  - Thomas Merton


Graphite Pencil (Paper)

5 X 7             $65.00 + tax

6 X 6             $75.00 + tax

8 X 8             $140.00 + tax

8 X 10           $175.00 + tax

Larger sizes available upon request.  Shipping and handling not included.

Oil   (on canvas or masonite board)

5 X 7            $100.00 + tax

6 X 6            $150.00 + tax

8 X 8            $200.00 + tax

8 X 10          $250.00 + tax

9 X 12          $350.00 + tax

12 X 12        $425.00 + tax

11 X 14        $450.00 + tax

16 X 20        $875.00   + tax

18 X 24        $1250.00 + tax

20 X 24        $1475.00 + tax

22 X 28        $1800.00 + tax

30 X 40        $2450.00 + tax

36 X 36        $3200.00 + tax

Larger sizes available upon request.  Shipping and handling not included.

Portraits are created on a blank or tonal background to compliment the subject.  If a detailed background is preferred,  a quote will be provided once the background is determined.  Simple backgrounds start at $75.00.  Each additional subject within the same painting is 50% of the total. Upon accepting a commission, an invoice will be sent to you and a 50% deposit of the total will be required.  Once the painting is completed, a photo of your painting will be sent to you for your approval.  Once approved and the remaining balance has cleared, the painting will be sent to you when it is dry enough to travel.  Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.  

A portrait can only be as good as the photograph provided, therefore it is very important that you e-mail clear and up close photos for me to work from.  Included with your favorite photograph should be additional photos that show further show details of your pet (i.e., eye color, markings, coat, etc). Don't have that favorite photo yet?  This link gives great tips on how to photograph your pet:  I would recommend getting photos of your pet over the period of a few days.  This will allow you additional opportunities to capture a more relaxed pose of your companion and one that will reflect their true personality.  Last but not least, have fun photographing!  Your pet will thank you!  If you start well before you need the painting, a lot of stress will be taken off of you and your pet.

Artwork is a commission for personal use only.  I retain full reproduction copyright on all my work.